10 Marketing Phrases That Make Me Hungry

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This is probably the most random blog post I have ever put together. But here goes!

As I attended Social Media Week in Sydney last week, I sat through most of the sessions thinking about food. I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, or if it is simply becuase I have a bizarre imagination and a great love for food.

1) Niche: Whenever I hear this word I just think of quiche and instantly feel hungry!

2) Keep it fresh: Salad with beetroot and crisp cucumber on a hot summers day

3) Meaty content:  I fancy a steak with peppercorn sauce please

4) Snackable content:  Maybe an apple or a handful of nuts

5) CPL: Cheese and pickle sandwich?

6) KPI: I can’t get KFC out of my head and my stomach is rumbling

7) Credible source: I really enjoy HP sauce with my breakfast on a Saturday

8) Crowdsourcing: This one has been inspired by the social media week Gelato Messina campaign but my mouth waters when I think of sticky fudge sauce.

9) Give the campaign a boost: mmmmmm chocolate, a Boost bar is my favourite sweet treat.

10) Hungry for Success?: No I’m just wondering when we can break for lunch please.

Apologies, I just had to put my thoughts out there and I will also be bringing you the serious highlights from Social Media Week Sydney soon.

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