10 Ways to Get your Content Published

  1. Approach the relevant person in a polite manner and ensure that your email is written using the correct tone of voice. Appearing too formal and robust can be off putting to most people. Address the recipient by their first name,It may be worth digging around to get this information and personalising the email.If you think their website is amazing- tell them. Everyone loves a compliment.
  2. Look at previous work that has been published on their website. Does yours follow the same theme? Have you managed to use the correct tone and style for the target audience?
  3. Don’t appear like you want something for yourself. Make it clear in your approach that you are simply offering quality content as you think it would be relevant and interesting for their readers.“Content may be freely available online, but still not packaged in a way specific readers want. Especially for niche areas there is a value in Unique Packaging, collecting the relevant quality content for specific interest groups.” John Einar Sandvand 2010
  4. When the editor/ webmaster gets back to you, ask for the link to be kept within the copy or even offer an author bio if it is more appropriate for them.
  5. Be clever and pick up on news worthy events, it will give you more of a chance if the subject you are discussing is newsworthy and edgy! People want to read about things that are happening today not five years ago.
  6. If the editor refuses to publish your article and states that it is not suitable, don’t be put off. Ask if you can write something that would be fitting and stress you are willing to do this free of charge. If you are looking to publish on blogs it most definitely needs to be on topic and interesting.
  7. When you first send the email you may not hear back for a few weeks. However to show you are persistent and keen, send a reminder email. Something simple like, Hi Mr Jones, do you have any feedback on the article I sent you? This would be much appreciated’, usually works.
  8. If you manage to get your content published keep in touch with the editor/web master as you never know when you might want you to write again or they could connect you with other blogs/ websites.
  9. Remember unique content is valued and people can be quite protective over what is present on their own websites. Once you have agreed that the web master/editor that they can use it, do not offer it elsewhere without re arranging and thorough editing. Be sure you are fining quality websites for your copy.
  10. Plan an editorial calendar choosing topics of interest for the future. This way you can keep on top of your workload and make sure you are producing pieces that have a better chance of being published.
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