11 Factors to Consider when Placing Content on Websites/Blogs

Everyone in the PR world are learning that optimising press releases and blog posts for search engine purposes is becoming a big part of their online strategy. We are told to make sure we include a link within the copy whenever it is published but what makes these links strong and worthy?

When looking at a website to place content on it is wise to check the following.

  1. Are the links within content do-follow? check for the tag attribute rel=”nofollow” on links within the content. You can download a free SEO book.com toolbar that will also help you identify these.
  2. Does the site link to bad topics i.e. gambling, pills, adult themes etc? If so you should avoid and move on.
  3. Does the site have a good, readable URL structure i.e. site.com/key-word/ (preferred but not essential) and not site.com?pid=12345
  4. If I copy and paste the title of the first article on the website into Google, does that article appear high in the listings?
  5. Do I have to log in to see articles placed on these sites? If so this worth avoiding.
  6. Pagerank – anything over and including 0 is good however the higher these values the better, check old content not new content which may not be within Googles index. Be careful of using Pagerank as a guide as it is easily gamed and faked by site owners.
  7. Does the site have MOZRank- this can be checked using the Firefox toolbar.
  8. Do the content pages have lots of outbound links? If there are less than 15 then you are onto a winner.
  9. Has the article been cached? – simply copy and paste a sample articles URL into Google and see if it is listed
  10. Does the site have lots of back links? You are preferably looking for 25+ from unique domains.
  11. Does content get lots of comments? You know that the website is very proactive and gains lots of traffic if various comments are present.
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