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3 Travel Apps you need to download

Back in the day before 3G, 4G, WiFi and smartphones, holidays were rather more complicated. It may be only a few short years ago but once upon a time, if you wanted to find out where you were in a new city, you’d have to grapple with a map or ask a stranger. You wouldn’t know where the best nighttime hotspots were just by asking a simple question and you wouldn’t be able to travel around without pre booking hotel rooms and know that you’ll be able to find one within five minutes anyway.

Apps have changed the face of holidays and travel, whether you use a simple GPS app or a convenient restaurant app to point you to all the best places. From booking flights to checking public transport in and around your destination city of choice, they’re there to make your life much easier. Just check your data plan before you leave and make sure you’re on a deal that won’t financially cripple you when you get back, and you’re good to go.

Here are just a few apps that could help you get the most out of your holiday.

Where To? – you can find anything and everything with this app. Using GPS you can find the nearest hospital, cafe, restaurant, hotel… just about anything in fact. There are 700 categories and over 2,400 brands covered in the app

FlightTrack Pro – say you’re off to Faro and you want to find out the time of your flight. You can check flights to Faro from Manchester, or any other airport, and get yourself confirmations sent to your email address. It has real time information on delays, cancellations, gate numbers and covers more than 4,000 airports around the world. It can even project potential flight delays using data on airport warnings. Pretty magical for those who have to obsessively check every single detail of their journey – also useful if you’re waiting to meet someone at arrivals.

Packing Pro - how many times have you arrived at your fancy hotel and realised you’ve forgotten the things you really needed? This app is exactly what you need – it creates lists of the essentials based on how many people are going and for how long. It takes into account the temperature of the destination, the kind of accommodation you’ve booked – in fact, it does all the boring stuff and then spits out a list that you just need to follow. Total peace of mind.

Fotopedia Heritage - this is partly developed by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and is perfect for people who like to know everything about the attractions they’re visiting. It has more than 25,000 photos of heritage sites with information on each one. It’s actually pretty good to flick through if you’re a bit bored as well – endlessly fascinating.


Author: Anna Weston, professional blogger



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