5 Reasons Why You Are Not An Influencer


You will have heard the term Influencer used over and over again if you work in PR and Marketing. As a reminder, “influencers are Individuals who have the power to affect purchase decisions of others because of their (real or perceived) authority, knowledge, position, or relationship.”

What really makes you an Influencer?

1. So you have 76,000 followers on twitter and you definitely think you have what it takes to influence others. How many of your followers are actually real? Do they care about what you are talking about? Really? Ask yourself this question before bigging yourself up to others. We are all obsessed with pretty pictures and online numbers but when it comes down to it, what does this really mean?.

2. Do you talk about things for the sake of generating attention or are you actually passionate about what you preach. I think we are all guilty of writing about a ‘trending topic’ because we know it will get us more hits on the website, rather than highlighting something we truly believe in. You can actually still have influence within a community if you only have 500 followers on twitter or a small following on your facebook fan page. If people are passionate about what you say and do, they will listen and be influenced by you.

3.Seeing the results is the real deal. If you have published an article or a video on behalf of a brand and people have interacted with it or shown some kind of interest in it, you are responsible for having an effect on behaviour and influencing others. However, if you try this again a few weeks later and nobody engages with you, then i’m afraid the influencer badge has to be passed on.

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4. Is your ego bigger than the moon? This is something I come across quite often and I don’t mind saying it. Some people are influencers and they really do play on it. Showing off like a kid who has got the candy just isn’t cool. People are probably happier to do business with someone who is more likeable + a lesser following! Real influencers know they are lucky to be in a position of authority and respect others.

5. Do you speak to a blogger because an organisation has told you to and then once the deal is done, you never go back? I think a real influencer maintains strong relationships with those who they are genuinely interested in and care about. It becomes more about a long relationships than a quick win.

I really respect those who are doing it the right way but this just my opinion. Any thoughts?


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