5 things a UK blogger should think about when moving abroad

I never really thought about the little things that can make blogging hard work until I set off on my travels and tried to stick to a content plan. Anything is possible online and it easy to keep connected but it's worth thinking about a few factors that could cause slight problems. WIFI Connection The internet connection in other counties can be  temperamental at times and not quite like the ‘high speed’ we are used to in the UK.  It takes a little more patience to get things published and keeping on top of WordPress updates can prove challenging. Time Difference The time can be an issue if the difference is significantly more or less. Posting in an evening means that a UK audience may not be able to view it until the day after. It doesn’t cause a huge problem but it is worth pushing social promotion at the best times for your viewers. Keeping Connected If your visitors are predominately coming from the UK, it is important to try and keep up to date with them and tune into what has been published in magazines and newspapers before it hits other parts of the world.  Remember where you started and how important these people are. Weather It is harder to stay inside when the glorious sun is shining through the windows and tempting us to leave all tasks and dance outside. Learn to discipline yourself again and say no to drinks in the park until you have completed everything (easier said than done, I know). Language and Tone In other countries the language and use of slang can be very different and it is easy to pick this up. For example, crisps become ‘chips’ and pints become ‘scooners’. Sticking to your usual writing style should be key! Why would you change now? CIMG0509

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