5 useful tips for Facebook Timeline

The Facebook layout for brand fan pages is so much better than it used to be, with more room for creativity and interactive engagement with fans. If you have a brand fan page and are looking to update and refresh it,  think about the basic things you could improve first.

Cover photo

Make sure you are making the most of your cover photo, providing an image that is bold and eye catching. You can almost treat this like a mini version of your main website and include a banner that ties in with the rest of your artwork. Changing the image on a regular basis will provide a refreshing look for your customers.


You now have tabs at the top of the page under the like button, which can be edited and changed to suit the theme/style of your page. If you have some nice imagery of your stock that you would like to display, upload them in this space and make your tabs more appealing and click-able. You could also design specific artwork for each one if you wish.

Remember to listen

Listen to what your customers are saying and answer them in the most appropriate and tactful way. The timeline doesn’t affect conversations and ‘negativity can still arise.’ Be patient and answer questions from your valued fans.


Run a competition from your main website but heavily promote via Facebook. Everyone loves to get their hands on a freebie and compete against their friends in a social space. Competition posts get shared a lot more than standard posts, boosting the reach of each one and encouraging more views.



Celebrity posts

Celebrity ‘gets the look’ posts are a good way of showcasing products and highlighting how things can look from this angle. Especially in the fashion world because let’s face it we are always having a peek at the Daily Mail to see what the cast of TOWIE are wearing. Put together a simple mood-board of products that are similar to those who have been worn or used by a celebrity and post on Facebook. However if you are scraping images form other websites make sure you credit them as a source.


Share images of new stock and make sure you keeping customers up to date with promotions and new items that are COMING SOON. Don’t keep bombarding with promotions though as people get fed up and Facebook fan pages should not be an area for sales pitches and pushy ads.

Update images on a regular basis and keep the page looking fresh! Listen to your customers and find out what they want.

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