Stefanie Smith; Designing for Apprentice Finalist – Helen Milligan

We were all gripped during this years series of the Apprentice and week after week something amusing or shocking happened in the group tasks. As most girls in the world, I paid attention to what the candidates were wearing and Helen Milligan (backed as a favourite to win) showcased some stunning outfits. If you have seen Helen featured in the Daily Mail or appearing on popular morning breakfast shows like This Morning, you will have noticed her beautiful curly hair and ultra stylish clothes. So where did Helen get her outfits from? Well we have discovered that a new and very talented designer, Stefanie Smith has been creating stylish and sophisticated business wear for ther popular contestant Helen Milligan. Stefanie, aged 25 started her own business in  women's tailoring early this year and saw this opportunity as a powerful step forward in business. Stefanie's designs have already been featured numourous times throughout and after the filming of The Apprentice. Helen was photographed for national newspapers such as the Guardian, wearing one of Stefanie’s unique tailored dresses. Image 1 I personally love Stefanie's designs and as a new designer, you can really see the passion and dedication she puts into making them.   Keep an eye out for Stefanie Smith as I'm sure there is more to come! To find out more visit Follow Stefanie @Stefanie_Smith1



  1. Caroline Evans
    July 21, 2011 at 9:32 pm · Reply

    Hi Stefanie.
    I really liked your clothes designs worn by Helen Milligan on the apprentice. I would like to see more of your designs please.
    Kind regards
    Caroline Evans

  2. July 22, 2011 at 8:47 am · Reply

    I love to see new emerging designers involved in projects like this, im sure she will continue to do great things :)

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