Behind the scenes with fashion blogger Wendy from @Thankfifi

What do you enjoy the most about running your own fashion blog? Freedom and travel and the wonderful brands I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with.  It’s a creative outlet for me which is hugely important and I love the challenge of creating something exciting. What tips would you give to someone that wants to start a blog? Do it.  No excuses - if you want to you don’t need much to get started.  Create a blog you would like to read and focus on that alone, not stats.  And post regularly; whether it’s once a week or 3 times a day, just choose a schedule that’s realistic for you and stick to it. How did you start Thankfifi and did it take a long time to get it up and running? Over coffee with a friend we were dicussing our favourite new blogs and she suggested that if I started one she would read it.  So I did.  That friend is Fi(fi). Can you name some of the top trends for A/W and tell us what you are most looking forward to wearing? Pink.  Candy, fuschia, bubblegum - it’s all been promised but it’s not exactly running amok on the high street as I had hoped (yet).  Plaid is one I’m really excited for but maybe that’s just the Scottish girl in me. What do you like doing when you’re not at work? Walking in the country or on the beach with the husband and Mr K (he’s the furry one).  I spend a lot of time travelling at the moment so any spare time with family or friends is really cherished. Where is your favourite place to shop? Wow, I must be the only fashion blogger who doesn’t really love shopping!  Online always feels easiest to me, cup of tea in hand.  So many websites are super simple to navigate and find the right pieces versus the high street which often feels disorganised and busy. High street shops I do enjoy are: Zara, Mango and Gap. Online picks are: The Outnet, Asos & H&M. How would you describe your style? Maybe 75% classic, 25% fashion victim. Thankfifi-Tartancity-21_thumb What inspires your daily posting? Life. How many times a day do you have to walk your gorgeous dog? Four but he tells me it should be more… Actually that sounds like a lot of walks but when I’m working from home it’s the perfect way to clear my mind. What other blogs and magazines are you into at the moment? I read A LOT of other blogs and my all time favourite is Gary Pepper.  There are a bunch of other blogs which most people know about so here are some lesser know reads I’m enjoying right now - Winston & Willow for the aspirational fashion and photography, Bank to Boutique for the wonderful lifestyle shots, The Elgin Avenue for the colour and A House in the Hills for the food glorious food. Do you think the blogging sphere has changed over the last few months? Eg. Programmes like Celebs, brands and Fake fans have brought certain facts to the public eye. I haven’t seen the show so can’t comment on that I’m afraid but I think the blogging sphere and internet in general is such a fast paced environment to be a part of.  It’s exciting and testing both at once trying to stay up to date, creating new and aspirational content but you have to love it or you just wouldn’t do it!   You can read Wendy's blog here  


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