Being Bitchy with Fashion Bloggers is Bad PR

This is a very quick blog post to highlight an incident that happened yesterday involving a very popular fashion blogger.

Company x approached Sarah from amilliondresses and asked her to review a product from their online range. However the company retracted their original offer and tried to substitute with a product that was not to Sarah’s taste.

After several emails back and forth, the conversation turned personal and un- professional which left Sarah feeling upset and infuriated. Within seconds news travelled to the connected fashion blogging community and numerous tweets appeared in support of Sarah and against company x.


When approaching bloggers for coverage, it is worth remembering that they are highly influential and well connected to others who can soon pass negative news about your brand. Treat them with the respect they deserve, remain professional and if things do not go your way, leave a conversation before it turns into a bitchy attack. Fashion bloggers have personal tastes and preferences and will not promote a product or brand they don’t agree with.


A snap shot of tweets from last night



Very harsh comment and unnecessary


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