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Money Supermarket’s #Retail Royalty Challenge

I was invited to take part in this year’s Money Supermarket’s Retail Royalty Challenge and I thought it would be a great idea to get involved and support a charity close to my heart, Kirkwoord Hospice. I must start by […]


The Twitterati, Wimbledon and Glasto Blues

The Twitterati, Jo Whiley, Mick Jagger and everybody else may have quietened down about Glasto 2013 after Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory put England’s second favourite (wink and a nudge) summer event into sharper focus.  However there is a very good […]


Working in fashion PR – An Interview with myself

I was asked to answer a few questions for a book that was never published and instead of wasting the content I thought I would share it with you. Have you always been interested in working in PR? Not always […]


PR and Preparing for Glastonbury

I am going to Glastonbury for the first time tomorrow which is pretty damn exciting. I’m not what you would call a festival virgin and I am used to the fun and games of pitching a tent in the mud […]


How to Get Creative with Digital PR

Whether PR is done online or offline, the goal is always the same: establish credibility, build brand awareness and foster support among stakeholders. In the online arena, however, PR requires a new skill set, as well as a solid understanding […]

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7 methods to increase Social Media mentions exponentially

These days, one question that companies may ask their PR branding managers or any other PR agencies, is how they may increase the number of social media mentions for their brand. Social media mention refers to how often your brand […]


How to deal with critical feedback with reference to PR

  After reading an article on Ragan’s PR Daily last week it got me thinking about the field I am working in and how I overcome disappointment and the feeling of rejection. PR involves a lot of time and energy […]


Are we happy in our jobs?

Marketers and PR professionals have been quoted as the happiest people in their careers, behind florists, hairdressers and plumbers according to the City and Guilds shortlist for 2012. Would we agree with this?  I  would say there are low points […]

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