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5 Things to consider when gifting a celebrity

If you are working in consumer/lifestyle PR, then you will probably be familiar with the process of gifting a celebrity or a very influential person with a high popularity score. Gifting can be a great PR technique if done correctly […]


Kate Middleton Shoes; Is your content optimised?

Kate Middleton is the most talked about female in the press and has become a huge, classic style icon. Many young females are aspiring to look like the Duchess of Cambridge and are searching for key items that have been […]

The proof is in the pudding- Check your blog posts before publishing

I have been reading the comments from a recent post on, titled ‘Is it acceptable to have typos in your blog posts? Some of the responses to this are as follows, I don’t think its “acceptable”, but it is […]


The Dragon Dictation- a useful iPhone App for a PR Professional

Dragon Dictation is an easy-to-use voice recognition application powered by Dragon® This nifty little application allows you to easily speak into it and instantly see your text or email messages. It is much faster than typing out a long winded […]

11 Factors to Consider when Placing Content on Websites/Blogs

Everyone in the PR world are learning that optimising press releases and blog posts for search engine purposes is becoming a big part of their online strategy. We are told to make sure we include a link within the copy […]


10 Ways to Get your Content Published

Approach the relevant person in a polite manner and ensure that your email is written using the correct tone of voice. Appearing too formal and robust can be off putting to most people. Address the recipient by their first name,It […]


Writing Articles and Struggling for Ideas?

OK, so you may of mastered content writing and have a natural flair for attracting people to your articles, but when it comes to covering various topics we all struggle to find the correct information. It is very unlikely that […]


10 Ways to Make Your Press Release ‘First Class’

  1 .A press release will either live on or die very quickly depending on the strength of your title. Your headline lures a viewer into reading your story along with telling  publishers and readers what your release is about. […]