So I’m taking a little bit of advice from the expert bloggers and using a negative headline. I wonder if it will make a difference?  I will let you know!

I disliked Social Media Week Sydney for one reason and one reason only. It has made me want to work harder and maybe one day (dreaming) make a living from blogging, like the talented Darren Rowse from Problogger and Jeff Bullas.

What I actually liked about Social Media Week

Day 1

The week kicked off with an opening Keynote from Gavin Heaton @servantofchaos delivering his thoughts on the topic, Call it disruption, Call it revolution, Call it chaos.

Gavin started off with a humorous statement “ So we all know the internet is ruled by cats” and he then went on to explain how technology has become a part of human daily life and we learn faster and better by sharing knowledge with others online. I remember thinking Gavin’s content creation PANDA theory was one to remember. Purpose, Analytics, Networks, Digital, Art.

photo-16 (2)

Next up was the best session for a new POM in Aus. Australian Social Landscape by Tim O’Neill, AIMIA National President, with speakers: Melanie Ingrey from Nielsen, Eddie Cliff from Salesforce, Ben Russell of LinkedIn and Douglas Nicol from The Works.

I learnt that Australians love Instagram and some of the top hashtags are #coffee, #artistic #weirdshit and #scenic. The No.1 selfie spot in Australia is the Gold Coast and Australia is not behind the rest of the world but AU brands are behind the consumers.


social tweet


The last session of day one was probably my favourite because I have started to take a keen interest in the travel industry and only wish I was a travel blogger! Like my new friend @janeytravels.

The Rise of Social Tourism was moderated by Lisa Perkovic of Expedia with panellists: Paul Fischmann from 8 Hotels, Lauren Bath a professional Instagrammer, Petrhyce Donovan from Shire Tourism and Chloe Davis from Tourism Australia.

Paul Fischmann made a very good point about user generated content. “Images and stories from hotel guests themselves are a lot more powerful than company generated content. “They tell a real story and deliver a person’s experience that reflects authenticity.”

Lauren Bath is one of Australia’s most influential instagrammers and she takes amazing photographs. Check her out! Lauren gave us an insight into her daily life and what it is actually like to be on the influencer side. There was a lot of talk around demonstrating KPI’s to clients and how it is easy to monitor impressions and comments via this channel. Lauren said “An image tells the truth and presents a story”

Chloe from Tourism Australia also took us through examples of what works well for them and left us with a helpful tip “Do less and do it well”

Day 3

Poiltics of Social - featuring speakers from The University of Sydney, Social Innovation Sydney, The Sound Alliance, plus Alex Greenwich MP.

I have never been great with politics and I really wish I knew more. I think this was definitely one of the most beneficial discussions to be part of.

Only 16% of young people in Australia are engaging with politics and there is a hope that social media will change this. “We need to be educating and informing through these channels rather than using them to attack and defend.” said Alex Greenwich

People should remain real. Political hashtags are always triggered by something that is happening within the community, for example the DIY rainbow project.

Day 4

Mobile Marketing Magic- with speakers from Cyberia, InMobi, Posse and Mobile Monday. They explored the role that mobile plays in bringing personal experiences to life.

According to Yellow’s 2014 Social Media Report, 7 in 10 Australians use social media, and more than 7 in 10 of these Aussies use a smartphone to access social media.

We should think of an app as part of a long term strategy and not just a one hit wonder. Be context aware and avoid spamming. Producing different messaging for consumers means it is relevant and engaging.

Looking at consumers use of digital – 90% of time is spent using apps.

Simple ideas work too! Some of the best things have actually started out on feature phones.

photo-15 (2)

I finish by sharing a few key points from a Master Class with @jeffbullas and for those who attended will know what I mean when I say, consistency is key!


  • Having your own blog gives you a digital platform that is yours. You are building a body of work
  • Images and videos earn authority online
  • You have to start now! Done is better than perfect (Steve jobs) Start writing and work on it.
  • Boost your credibility via guest posts on other sites, slideshare, ebooks and network.
  • “The power of simple”- don’t over complicate things
  • Know your audience and engage with those who are interested in what you are saying.


Sessions throughout the week included Social ROI and Measurement, The Connected Brand, Influencer and Online Advocacy, The most important media channel is you and one to definitely take a look at, Deconstructing Great Content. You can catch the highlights here

A big thank-you to Rinsed and Evolve Social for a thoroughly enjoyable event!


This is probably the most random blog post I have ever put together. But here goes!

As I attended Social Media Week in Sydney last week, I sat through most of the sessions thinking about food. I don’t know if anyone else can relate to this, or if it is simply becuase I have a bizarre imagination and a great love for food.

1) Niche: Whenever I hear this word I just think of quiche and instantly feel hungry!

2) Keep it fresh: Salad with beetroot and crisp cucumber on a hot summers day

3) Meaty content:  I fancy a steak with peppercorn sauce please

4) Snackable content:  Maybe an apple or a handful of nuts

5) CPL: Cheese and pickle sandwich?

6) KPI: I can’t get KFC out of my head and my stomach is rumbling

7) Credible source: I really enjoy HP sauce with my breakfast on a Saturday

8) Crowdsourcing: This one has been inspired by the social media week Gelato Messina campaign but my mouth waters when I think of sticky fudge sauce.

9) Give the campaign a boost: mmmmmm chocolate, a Boost bar is my favourite sweet treat.

10) Hungry for Success?: No I’m just wondering when we can break for lunch please.

Apologies, I just had to put my thoughts out there and I will also be bringing you the serious highlights from Social Media Week Sydney soon.

Twitter has always been a great operating system of news but in terms of driving traffic that potentially turns into customers, it falls well below leaders such as Facebook and Google +.


Showing passion and the desire to be innovative within this space, Twitter recenlty introduced more useful tools to enable marketers and social guru’s to do their thing.

Buy It Now

Tapping into mobile commerce and consumer shopping habits, twitter has introduced a ‘buy now’ button for iPhone and Android. O-oh this could be dangerous!

With a secure payment platform created by the Irish payments company Stripe, Twitter is hoping that it’s real-time nature will work exceptionally well when it comes to selling exclusive items that are only available for a short time, tapping into consumers who impulse buy. That’s me!

Various influencers and organisations have showed interest and popular fashion brand Burberry, has signed up to be a beta partner. Musicians will also be a big part of Twitter’s new initiative making it easy for fans to click and buy their recent releases.

I can imagine fashion bloggers and key influencers will be the driver behind this one for Twitter.


Last week Twitter also introduced an interactive data tool that enables users to see where people share moments and talk about certain products, within a typical working week. The beta version enables content creators and social media marketers to play with time filters and select typical topics such as ‘sport’ and ‘coffee’, leading to more accurate brand geo targeting. My example below, highlights how useful this would be if we could actually discover the chosen brands people are talking about.

A slightly obvious one – but it’s all about Yorkshire tea up north.

Twitter’s Everyday Moments is only available for the UK but I am sure this will change very soon.

Example 1new twitter 2



I have been desperate to put this post live and after finding out Stephanie was in the Australian Financial Review on Friday, I think she truly demonstrates her passion and motivation to make a unique jewellery business a success.

1. When did you start www.stephanie-said.com ?

A. I started it in August 2013.


2. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and the business?

A. I trained in fashion and textile design,  though jewellery making and design has always been something that is a part of my life and I kept this up whilst working in the fashion industry, making pieces for myself or friends only. Today I continue to work in the fashion industry as well as run my own jewellery business.

3. Did you always want your own business or was this a new idea?

A. It was always an idea but jewellery making has been a purely selfish joy of mine, I don’t want to turn it into work. However, since deciding to start a business with my jewellery I have loved the process of creating more and more.

4.  What three tips would you give to those who want to start their own business or project?

A. Research and planning are key, but most importantly follow your heart! (three in one?!)

5. What do you enjoy the most about running Stephanie Said?

A. It’s a pretty lovely feeling when someone really likes one of my pieces, it brings so much satisfaction when I have created something they hold dear to them.


6. Which social media platform do you use the most?

A. Instagram !

7.  Is there anything you dislike about the world of digital?

A. Only that it takes time away from my making.

8. Do you have any geeky habits?

A. Too many… pressing flowers in all my books may be the geekiest of them all.

9.  What is your own personal favourite piece of jewellery?

A. My very first earrings that were given to me by my grandmother when I was three years old, I still wear them today. Also, a mexican made pendant I received on my 21st birthday from a dear friend. These pieces remind me so much of the loves in my life, jewellery is so important in that way

10. Has anyone famous or popular been spotted wearing your jewellery?

A. Not yet! any takers!?

Back in 2013, I was given the chance to report on behalf of Nokia at Social Media Week in Mumbai. This year I’m in Sydney and Social Media Week is taking place from September 22 – 26, 2014.

The central theme for SMW 2014 is “The Future of Now” and the sessions at SMW Sydney will cover this from perspectives designed to engage Australian marketers, consumers, businesses, government, students and educators. The event program brings the theme to life through three core streams of conversation – Innovation, Culture and Advertising and Marketing, with keynote and panel events taking place at The Beresford Hotel and exclusive Master Classes taking place at The University of Sydney.

The Innovation stream of SMW Sydney events will feature keynote and panel sessions presented by brands, agencies and experts and that discuss important developments in the local industry. This includes sessions on Consumer Wearables, Mobile Marketing, The Future of Publishing, The Consumer Journey and “The Connected Brand”.

The Society & Culture stream of SMW Sydney keynote and panel events will feature sessions presented by publishers, personalities, brands, and agencies that discuss popular trends in the local industry. This includes sessions on Social Tourism, YouTube & The Rise of the Micro-Celebrity, The Politics of Social, Creating a Movement for Social Good, “Socially Evolving the Music Industry”, and “The Lightside & the Darkside to Online Trolls”.

The Marketing & Advertising stream of SMW Sydney keynote and panel events will feature sessions presented by brands, agencies and marketing leaders that discuss key issues in the local industry. This includes sessions on Social ROI and Measurement, Crisis Management, “Has Social changed TV forever”, Dissecting Great Content, Real-time Engagement, The Future of Publishing, and “the power of visual storytelling”. To see the full schedule of SMW Sydney events, click here.

Key speakers on the day include:

  • Helen Crossley, Facebook
  • Naomi Shepherd, Facebook
  • Daina Middleton, Twitter (replacing John Heywood)
  • Angus Keene, Twitter
  • Tim O’Neill, AIMIA
  • Monique Perry, Neilsen
  • Eddie Cliff, Salesforce
  • Ben Russell, LinkedIn
  • Douglas Nicol, The Works
  • Lisa Perkovic, Expedia
  • Paul Fischmann, 1888 Hotel
  • Lauren Bath, Instagrammer
  • Petrhyce Donovan, Sutherland Shire
  • Chloe Davis, Tourism Australia
  • Joanne Jacobs, Freelance Digital Strategist


I’m pretty excited about attending some of the sessions and look forward to hearing from Darren Rowse (Pro Blogger), who was also an insightful speaker at the Mumbrella 360 event earlier this year.

Q 1: What is Bobs Buckets?

A: Bobs Buckets is a new unique tie dye fashion start-up located in Sydney. We specialise in providing a range of high quality, hand painted tie dye items including bucket hats, beanies, socks, hair ties, tees, tote bags, jumpers and bandannas.

pic 7

Q 2: How did you come up with the idea for Bobs Buckets?

A: Travelling around the US going to music festivals I found a lot of awesome tie dye stalls, one of them had bucket hats and I instantly bought one and wore it for the rest of my trip. People loved it but the only problem was that the colours ran and covered me in a liquid rainbow whenever it rained. I decided one day that I could make and sell them better than a lot of other stores so I ordered plain bucket hats and used colourfast dyes that wouldn’t run. Bobs Buckets have been expanding ever since.

Nic and bob

Picture above: A range of sunburst tie dye buckets and tees. Photo by Amelia Stevens

Q 3: What makes Bobs Buckets different to other tie dye?

A: I personally hand paint every piece using brushes compared to the ordinary method of spraying dye onto fabric using bottles of paint. This enables us to create more original designs and doesn’t limit us to standard tie dye patterns.

This makes every Bobs Bucket item individual. Not only unique but also personalised too. Any member of the family can rock one from Grandpa’s favourite fishing hat to your favourite wiggling Labrador!


Above: Lovely labradors Buffy and Sophie, modelling their new buckets!

We also use all natural, UV activated paints sourced from http://www.tiedye.com.au/ in Byron Bay that are super colourfast. These paints ensure that all of our items are as colourful as possible and are guaranteed not to run!

We’re always expanding our range to eventually enable our customers to buy entire tie dye wardrobes! We’re open to suggestions too that might score you a free piece of gear! We often customise items to any requests, including colour, design and style. We’ve even spray painted designs over the top of our tie dye creations for added effect.


Picture above: A range of Bobs Buckets purple ocean and rainbow spiral packages, $50 at bobsbuckets.com.au

Q 4: How have you been getting the word out about your unique products?

A: Selling online at www.bobsbuckets.com.au as well as at local Sydney markets like Glebe, Rouse Hill Boutique Markets and the Rock n Roll and Alternative markets as well as live music events. We have some festivals lined up for later this year and other surprise events, so stay tuned via our Facebook page.


Picture above: Mrs Bobs Buckets presenting the Bucket stall at Rouse Hill Boutique Markets

A lot of our Marketing and PR involves self promotion, wearing our clothing out to music events, clubs and parties and giving out promotional freebies, stickers and hair ties. We love going out and partying and people always seem to be impressed with the bright colours and unique looks! It makes promotions more enjoyable when half of our work involves having fun and meeting new people! Reaching out to social influencers and Instagrammers has been an important turning point for getting the word out to a wider audience too. Often these are people we meet out too and it helps when the people promoting you’re brand are genuinely excited about what you’re doing. We’re really starting to see the effects this is having on building our own social following and media presence.


Picture Above: House Music pioneer Giorgio Moroder pictured having a boogie in a customised Bobs Bucket, front of stage earlier this year at the Sydney Opera House!

Live music events have also helped us to get some amazing exposure and awesome memories with some of our favourite DJ’s and producers getting in on some Bobs Buckets action. Like legends Dub FX and Giorgio Moroder, both rocking their Bobs Buckets hats!

Dub FX

Picture Above: Dub FX giving an ice cold raised eyebrow wearing Bobs Buckets! He was a massive legend!

Q 5: What does the future hold for Bobs Buckets?

A: We plan to over run the galaxy with tie dye and awesome new gear step by step. Adding tie dye leggings, yoga pants and knee high socks to the range, as well as some amazing printed psychedelic buckets available very soon. At the moment we’re booking market stalls for smaller music events, exclusive parties and locking in as many opportunities to spread the word as we can. Hopefully expanding to festivals like Splendour and Blues fest in the next year or two. As well as continuing our involvement with local university groups and events. Recently we gave a big bundle of rainbows to SubSki Ski club to give away as prizes on their annual New Zealand trip during the winter uni holidays. We’re always looking for new events and opportunities to help expand our brand and improve our promotions. If anyone is interested feel free to shoot us an email at bobsbuckets@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @bobsbucketsboutique.

Hope to see you on the dancefloor!


Nic and Bob

Pictures above: Mr and Mrs Bobs Buckets at the Vivid Dance Mini Launch party