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#CIPRChat and PR in 2014

I caught the end of the CIPR twitter chat today which is a shame because I would have enjoyed joining in with this one. The discussion was around some of the PR highlights in 2013 and what we can look forward to in 2014, how elements of change will occur and how we should be working in the future. 

Reading through the summary, I have to agree with Rob Brown’s comment as I have been on the agency side and now work In -House to implement change across both offline and online channels of the business. If I didn’t have the skills and knowledge I picked up from working with talented people in digital then I would have really struggled with this. Digital has now become a big part of PR and as much as the traditional press release is key! Creative concepts and the help of social media is really driving PR forward.

Danny Whatmough gave some great tips which are a must if you want to survive in this industry. I am still young and developing my skills everyday through personal development and listening to others. Experiencing things is key! You do have to take risks and branch out of your comfort zone at times to move forward. I also think we get too wrapped up in rules and regulations instead of speaking to real people and finding out the answers. My moments of success this year have come through a simple tweet or a phone call with someone who wanted to talk about life instead of business.

My predictions for 2014

More creative content that takes PR to the next level

New social platforms

Advertising across twitter, Google + and Facebook will become more apparent (not sure if this is a good thing)

Journalists will speak to PR’s in open spaces more frequently

The competition will get tougher

The blogging boom is here to stay



I really need to brush up on my knowledge . Thanks for the advice Stuart!

Read the full summaryof the #CIPRchat here




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