The Difference Between the Online and Offline Comprehensive Spending Review

Spending cuts were released last week and there seemed to be an apparent difference in topics of conversation online and offline.  Topics of interest highlighted in print media, were welfare cuts, higher education funding, public sector job cuts, housing and defence. In the online world including social media, discussion focused on banks, higher education funding, police, BBC and museums/art.

Was this showing a difference between an online and offline audience? Or is it simply an error that the media are not researching the general public interest and delivering what they want to hear?

Differences between Online and Offline PR

News in the offline world is read and absorbed but newspapers, magazines are soon thrown in the waste paper bin. Online a printed article or news story will be archived – therefore holding a long life span.

In this digital age, most of the readers are looking for online editions of the newspapers and as the result online readership is increased rapidly from the past three years.

Online news can be made interactive with images, sound and videos which can potentially draw in more readers and attention.

Delivering news online can reach a bigger audience at a quicker pace. Conversations can be built around the news in forms of blogs, forums and social networks which encourage feedback and criticism. You can generate more buzz online and opinion leaders will influence others to react and read the news you propose.

People are now becoming more media savvy and therefore will turn to the internet before they head out to the shops to purchase a newspaper or magazine.

Although online media has become huge in today’s community there will still be a mass audience who prefer traditional media and creating synergy between the two could be hugely important.

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