A few things you should avoid at a press event – featuring Nelly.com

I attended a Nelly high heels event last Wednesday in Leeds, as the opportunity of getting my hands on free shoes and spending time with familiar bloggers was too good to miss. The event was held at Oracle in Leeds which is a perfect place for an exclusive event, however I picked up on one or two things that appeared to be a definite no- no if your aim is to make a good impression.

Our names were down on the guest list but when we got to the door we were told by (not so cheerful staff) that they had lost it and we needed email proof of invites. Unfortunately they had not bothered to ask who we were or what we did and I was stood with two influential bloggers, Ooops!

When we entered the building we were surrounded by lovely glass cases full of stunning shoes .. perfect…, although to get the shoes you had to join a very large queue and enter the data into laptops which made people slightly frustrated and restless.

As I began to become thirsty I looked around for complimentary drinks which are a usual gesture. Hopefully just one free drink for all guests?but to my disappointment… nothing!

As I finally got to input the data, the laptop crashed and I had to start again with a tedious tiny laptop in a dark corner of the room. After attempting a second time the laptop crashed once again and I lost everything, as this was frustrating I turned to a member of staff and asked if she could take my sheet of paper and manually enter it in later. Her response, quite bluntly was, ‘No you have to do it yourself’ – very helpful!

Once the chaos had died down we got given a lovely little goody bag which looked quite exciting. When I looked inside there were a few magazines and a pair of XS lacy knickers that would probably fit round one of my legs. Slightly embarrassing for the more curvaceous ladies in the room, don’t you think?

So here are just a few things I took note of and will probably remember for future reference. I apologise to Nelly.com for the rant and I’m sure it has gone well in other cities .. just unfortunate for Leeds.


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