Goodbye News of the World

Phone hacking claims

After recieving a large amount  of negative criticism and with little hope of recovering a tarnished brand, News of The World  closed its doors today, 10th  July 2011. In the wake of an extensive phone-hacking scandal involving not only the paper itself, but the UK police and government, Rupert Murdoch and his team had no choice but to stop publication of the 168-year-old tabloid.

People loved it and others hated it;

Throughout the day there have been various tweets on the matter and I have collated a few to share with my readers. They made me smile and I think this event will be one to remember.

vivmondo That’s Mr Viv to you

Again, from me and all the cats, so long News Of The World:


Gerard_McCarthy Gerard McCarthy

Free in today’s News of the World – a copy of your own phone bill.


andybudd Andy Budd

I wish the Daily Mail had been caught phone hacking rather than the News of the World. It would have made flying BA more slightly palatable!


sickipediabot sickipediabot

You can now get the News of The World on your iPhone. There’s a tap for that.


colmtobin Colm Tobin

A friend of mine once worked for the News Of The World. He left after a fortnight because he just couldn’t hack it. #notw

aaronbarr Aaron Barr

Today Is The End OfThe World and we are slightly better for it. #news #hacking


The final Goodbye!

notwnews News of the World

The News of the World Twitter feed will close at 11:59 PM on Sunday, 10 July, 2011. We want to thank our followers for their support.


For all those who are sad enough to miss the paper, do not fear,  the Sunday Sun should be available fairly soon. Clever PR stunt in my eyes.

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