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Happy New Year and the Future of Now

Happy New Year to everyone as we enter 2014

This year will be completely different to the rest and I am pretty excited about it. I have decided to bite the bullet, save the pennies and get used to living out of a rucksack as I travel around Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia before settling in Australia. My highlight of 2013 (except for Glastonbury and the legendary Rolling Stones) was winning the opportunity to travel to Mumbai and take part in Social Media Week 2013. It really did open my eyes, as I experienced a completely different culture and met some truly amazing people. Toby Daniels, co-founder & ceo of crowdcentric and Social Media Week, gave a talk on “The Future of Now” which will be the global theme for Social Media Week 2014.

Toby described this as an open forum-concept, for people to share ideas on how to better integrate technology, to increase productivity in their lives, while, at the same time retaining their humanity. For instance, he suggested that people in digital should try and achieve a balance between work and life, making  sure we have some time out and actually engage with people and not just technology. I agree!

WP_20130927_11_20_30_Pro (2) [Toby Daniels giving a presentation on 'The Future of Now' at Social Media Week in Mumbai 2013]

It is very easy to rely on the world of Social Media to keep us connected rather than getting out there and being social. This pretty much inspired me to follow my dream and travel, build my confidence and hopefully meet more interesting people who I can learn from.

I set off at the end of January and you will still find me blogging and tweeting, just not on a regular basis.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2014


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