Harvey Nichols Introduce a ‘New Breed’

Harvey Nic’s have done it again with a new campaign that injects humour and fun into the fashion world. Their SS13 campaign ingeniously entitled “The New breed” shows off the latest in luxury totes filled with medium sized hounds – from British Bulldogs to English Bull Terriers. The New Breed adverts, shot by Miles Aldridge (who’s worked for American Vogue) are cropping up all across London and Harvey Nichols and shoppers receive a special ‘doggy bag’ with each purchase made at the flagship store. There are also rosettes displayed around the stores which gives the campaign a real ‘Crufts’ feel.

 Positive points about the campaign:

They picked up on a trend of ‘handbag’ dogs which is popular and showcased by several celebrities.

The ads have a real personality behind them as they appear rough and ready

Humorous and aim to connect with the public

Images are striking and draw in attention

It’s already a talking point amongst many young women on twitter and Facebook. With mentions across fashion blogs and popular websites such as

Examples of the conversation taking place on twitter:


As the saying goes, any press is good press. However it doesn’t mean that it will always receive positive feedback.

The Harvey Nichols sale campaign which displayed several images of women who were perceived to have wet themselves over amazing bargains and fashion finds, accepted mixed reviews as it was seen as controversial and offensive. However sometimes brands have to take risks and I think their clever planning and links to the public puts them above the rest.

The ‘Love Thyself’ campaign was another risky move from the brand but luckily for them it has recently been cleared by the ASA and will be staying up in the stores. The image which displays two women kissing was reported as offensive, especially to those with strong religious beliefs. However the metaphoric image of a woman falling in love with herself again had justifiable meaning behind it.

Harvey Nichols released this statement which is a perfect example of their modern day thinking

Harvey Nichols stated: “The advertising industry should be in the vanguard of those promoting and supporting the equalities espoused by anti-discrimination laws, including those concerning sexual orientation.”

Read more about ‘The New Breed’ campaign here



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