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This article was written on 10 Aug 2010, and is filled under PR News.

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I’m an MP- Please Don’t Email Me

Dominic Raab, MP for Esher & Walton won the vote of his constituents yet he refuses to acknowledge the public has the right to email him and has demanded that his online address should be removed from the public domain.  

The website 38 degrees, which encourages conversation and debate around political issues were approached and told to take Mr Raab’s email down. However the argument states that all members of parliament contacts are made available for public use. He seems to be defeating the object, a sure case of shoot yourself in the foot. It appears rather arrogant and disrespectful as he was cutting off a whole line of communication.

This off the cuff remark soon had negative repercussions that spiralled quickly and with a helping hand from Twitter, generated controversial debate.   Once again this highlights the power of social networking sites and the freedom of public opinion on a mass scale.

To read the full conversation, see:  38 degrees.

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