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An Interview with SocialSamosa.com @ Social Media Week Mumbai

Social Samosa  is the go to destination for anything to do with the Indian social media industry and is led by two experienced social media professionals Ankita Gaba & Aditya Gupta. You will find  insightful articles, case studies, campaign reviews, interviews, brand strategies and  more online at www.socialsamosa.com.  When I returned to the UK from Mumbai I managed to have an e-conversation with Ankita Gaba and she kindly answered a few questions.   Interview Please can you briefly describe what took place at Social Media Week in Mumbai? It was a great platform for all of the Indian social media stakeholders to meet. There were brands, agencies, analytics tools, authors, journalists and anybody who’s life is impacted by social media.  The sessions were very insightful and I am sure everybody took back a lot of value out of this. Did you find the events interesting and engaging? Yes I did, each event/session provided value and insights on that specific topic. What would you change about any of them or the week in general? Perhaps some sessions that drill down a little would have been a good idea. Most sessions were just touch and go. While this worked too, maybe next year there can be sessions that are more in depth. This is also the feedback I got from some of the other attendees. If you were to describe Social Media to a friend, what phrase would you use to sum it up? A medium to stay in touch and make new connections Have you learnt anything new from your experience at Social Media Week? I learnt a lot more about how the industry is functioning; my network in the Industry grew as I met a lot of new people. I asked this question via twitter. What are your thoughts?   No, I in fact think it’s doing quite the contrary. It’s providing a lot of people with new stories, with quick access to these stories  and with mixed opinions rather than the general one sided approach of traditional media. Do you have any tips for people working in the world of Social Media? Social media is ever changing and the only way one can keep up with it, is by always willing to evolve. An open mind and an experimenting attitude are two things that should keep us going. Would you attend Social Media week again? Yes most certainly. Can you tell me what your future plans are at Social Samosa? We want to become a focal point of the social media industry and be instrumental in driving and shaping the Indian social media industry through our content, workshops, platforms and other initiatives. Ankita Gaba is the Co-founder of SocialSamosa.com, an Indian Social Media Knowledge Storehouse.


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