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Money Supermarket’s #Retail Royalty Challenge

I was invited to take part in this year’s Money Supermarket's Retail Royalty Challenge and I thought it would be a great idea to get involved and support a charity close to my heart, Kirkwoord Hospice. I must start by pointing out that I haven't been sponsored or endorsed in anyway for the following activity. The Rules
  • 1.MoneySupermarket transfer £30 into your PayPal account 2.You need to shop for suitable items on this budget and purchase as much as possible, meaning that haggling and friendly begging may come into play. 3.Write a blog post including  pictures of what you bought and explain how the challenge went
  • 4. Send the url of your blog back to Money Supermarket by July 26 2013
Reason For My Chosen Charity Quite a few years ago my grandma fell very ill with cancer and over time she was unable to look after herself, so she was admitted to Kirkwood Hospice for the last few months of her life. My grandma, Marjorie Hodkinson, sadly died in 2006 due to the cancer but she had nothing but praise for the carers at Kirkwood Hospice and always told us how relaxed and peaceful she felt. This was obviously comforting for my family who were coming to terms with her illness at the time. About Kirkwood Hospice Kirkwood Hospice opened on the 18th of March 1987 and is an independent hospice based in Huddersfield. They provide specialist care to adults in Kirklees with advanced, progressive illnesses at any time from diagnosis to the end of life. This is a self funded charity and all care and support for patients and family is free of charge.

Kirkwood Hospice: Staff Base

KH -12

Refurbishment Due to growth and expansion, Kirkwood Hospice started to appeal for funds so that they could upgrade their rooms and facilites for all patients. They needed £3m in total and were requesting the funds throughout the year of 2012. You can view more informaton by visiting Starting The Challenge I had various email conversations with the lovely Emily, a fundraiser at the organisation, who told me that Kirkwood Hospice would really appreciate some kind of display unit or mannequin heads they could display wigs on for their support and therapy patients. She also told me that toys, activity books and anything else for the family room would be appreciated. The Shopping Begins As I predicted, the best place to look for mannequin heads was ebay and after contacting a couple of stores, I managed to secure a really good deal with mannequinsdirect who kindly sold me 2 polystyrene display heads for the price of one. They didn't charge me for delivery and they arrived a couple of days later.

2x display heads = £7

Heads Toys As I have been a very busy lady recenlty, I decided to stick to online shopping and look for some really good activity books and puzzles for the children. Asda Direct seemed to have the best offering and a lot of the items had been reduced in the sale. You can see what I managed to bag below and I must say I was very happy with how many items I could purchase for the remainder of the £30. photo-1 (2)4 photo (2) 3 The total of these items = £22.47 and thanks to Asda's click and collect service; I was able to avoid delivery charges. Shortly after placing the order I was told the wooden clock puzzle was out of stock so I had to exchange this for a similar item at a price of £4.50, but still within the budget! Kirkwood Hospice will be moving their patients back to the newly refurbished unit shortly and I can't wait to meet Emily and hand over the items in a couple of weeks. I will make sure I write a follow up post with pictures for all to see! Thanks again Money Supermarket for letting me take part in this challenge!