Did someone say Motivation?

PR professionals always talk about the good side of PR and boast about their results and achievements. However we would be lying if we didn’t say some of the days are a real struggle and quite demeaning to the human soul.

I have selected the word Motivation as I feel this is a word that is used often in working life. Using every letter of this word and focusing on a day that can prove testing in the world of PR, I have listed a few  ‘probably almost common’ feelings.

I must stress though, I do love my job and I am not  bitter!


M My head hurts and I’m not getting anywhere

O Over it now and I just want to move on

T Tired of the same response and I need to think of another approach

I Inspired by the top headline on the Daily Mail.., really? No I must be going crazy

V Vast amounts of tea and coffee should keep me thinking straight

A After this deadline, I am going to drink a lot of wine and party with the girls

T Tomorrow is another day and I can start again

I In time, someone will listen to me and publish this story

O Onwards and upwards it is nearly Friday

N No I will not pay £1,500 to advertise with you


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