Net-A-Porter:Real-time Shopping App


I have been dying to blog about this one, since seeing the news a few days ago on twitter.

Interactive shopping is becoming a thing of the future and Net-A -Porter seemed to of hit the nail on the head with this cool idea.

The real-time shopping application highlights the buying habits of people from all over the globe. It allows you to take inspiration from what other people are buying and purchase items that take your fancy. Once something has been purchased it adds it to your wish list or shares it with a friend through the website itself. (A fantastic example of social commerce in action)

A web page displays a shifting picture of the globe with Net-A-Porter shopping bags continuously popping up over a wide range of countries such as Australia, Japan UK and the US.

The idea behind this was taken from inspiration gained by the plasma screens in the offices at Net-A-Porter, showing the staff real time purchases. They suddenly thought this was something that would also appeal to their customers and make them feel more connected with the brand. I couldn’t agree more.

The launch of the ‘live’ tool adds to the way Net-A-Porter connects socially to its visitors and makes the shopping experience a little more fun. It encourages customers to exchange views and create discussions on certain products that catch their attention.  If you are keen on keeping up to date with current trends then it also allows you to see what is ‘popular’ and which items are selling fast.

As online shopping greatly increases – we could see more clever concepts arise, purely being put together to capture our attention and ensure our purchasing habits are influenced by friends online as well as offline.

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