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A New Interactive Fashion Website: Introducing Style Nibble

I came across a new and very interesting website last week and after speaking to one of the lovely ladies behind it, I felt the need to share. Style nibble is a fashion focused  website that provides personal fashion advice for women via the site, email and social media.

When you visit the website at you will be asked a series of fun celebrity fashion questions which are tailored to determine your own stlyle and match you up with the most suitable trends. This approach is very similar to that of websites such as stylistpick,  providing a very personalised and iteractive platform that draws people in.


Once you have registered with a contact email address, the system collates your data and after 5 to 10 minutes,  you will be sent an overview of your style with suggested products to purchase.

You are also assigned a virtual, personal stylist who provides you with fashion tips and new items on a weekly basis. They have their own Twitter, Facebook page and Pinterest that you can follow and keep up to date with news and high street picks.


Products are highlighted with links through to the relevant website so you can then buy anything that takes your fancy. Making this a really great platform for retailers to push their products through. I must admit, I nearly bought the bag shown below.

Style Nibble is a prime example of a social platform that is intergrated and very influential to those who are keen to follow fashion and style. Which is a large percentage of females with very high online purchasing habits.

I can’t wait to see more from Style Nibble… take a look for yourself


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    Introducing Style Nibble | Online PR Company”. Thank you
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