A new Sociable Online Newsroom from Pressat

I was sent a short press release last week that actually caught my attention. This is the first of many, as I usually receive emails about something spam related or completely unrelated to my blog.  So here goes…

Your little Space has been created by Manchester based agency Atmedia and it provides a news room service that has been customised to enable businesses, organisations and brands to open up communication channels with the media. Useful to the majority of us working in a very cluttered social sphere.

The social media newsroom is a fully customisable environment which allows users to play around with sociable tools such as Google +, Facebook , twitter and various networking sites. You can theme the page so that your news becomes more distiguishable and stands out  to an audience who  may well be interested. Videos and various other media options can be included which makes the newsroom very active and different from those that are available already.
Users who kit out a third party newsroom can increase their online visibility across search engines and provide journalists, bloggers and customers with a central, clean, and accessible space where company specific news can be viewed. However Pressat who provide the service also offer press release distribution, which can be great for quick wins but ‘from personal experience’ it shouldn’t be relied on. Hard work and determination gets you the successful coverage.

I haven’t actually tried and tested the service myself but it looks quite interesting and definitely worth investigating further. Especially as the newsroom is free and it is allowing far more social integration than any other news service I have come across.

About Pressat

Pressat was launched in open BETA in 2012 by Manchester agency atmedia. Atmedia was founded by two Graduates from the University of Salford.

Since launching, Pressat has provided news distribution services for national household brands to small startups across the UK at cost effective prices.





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