PR and Preparing for Glastonbury

I am going to Glastonbury for the first time tomorrow which is pretty damn exciting. I’m not what you would call a festival virgin and I am used to the fun and games of pitching a tent in the mud and facing the dreaded toilets. However, Glastonbury is the largest and so I have been told, the best music festival in the world! Exciting!

Whilst reading up about the festival and checking out the weekly activity taking place during the lengthy set up, I came across some clever PR ideas.

1. Green Travel

Green Traveller is supporting ‘green travel’ by offering incentives to everyone who travels to the event by public transport. Passengers will receive a lanyard pouch on arrival which will include discount vouchers for food and drink stalls. Green festival goers will also be given  the chance to grab hold of some fabulous prizes like priority stage views and a year’s subscription to the Guardian newspaper. It makes travelling by coach a lot  more fun!

2.WIFI- keeping us connected.

A very recent announcement made a lot of us digital geeks smile, 4G will be available  around Glastonbury this year as a tractor will be patrolling the area giving thousands of people a faster Internet connection. Phew! we can still upload our favourite snaps to Instagram.

3. Radio Hype

Huw Stephens made a public announcement on radio 1 that Daft Punk will be making a guest appearance at the festival and then promptly covered it as a joke. This obviously created hype with lots of fans thinking that this was definitely true. It is still rumoured and dominates twitter conversations this week , so will they be there or won’t they?

 4. Online stores

The obvious companies to market their products around Glastonbury are camping stores and outdoor equipment retailers, making essential lists and user guides for happy campers. This brings me to say a big thank-you for sending me two fabulous sleeping pods which will keep me warm and cosy during the next 5 days of madness.

I will report again upon my return. See you soon!


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