The proof is in the pudding- Check your blog posts before publishing

I have been reading the comments from a recent post on, titled ‘Is it acceptable to have typos in your blog posts? Some of the responses to this are as follows, I don’t think its “acceptable”, but it is inevitable.I’m a pretty prolific writer, and quite a grammar nazi, and I make little typos all the time. Without a second person to proof-read, it’s very hard to catch every typo.It always annoys me when one slips into my blog though.

How can we prevent this?

  • One you have written your blog post and filled it with creative inspiration, print it out and read through it thoroughly. (You don’t always spot mistakes on a computer screen)
  • Give the piece of copy to a friend or colleague to proof check and ask them to feedback to you. You could also put it through Copyblogger – to check for duplicated content.
  • Before copying and pasting the content into word press make sure you paste it on notepad first before transferring. This will delete any unwanted formatting and will allow word press to display the text clearly without and odd symbols.
  • Before you put the post live, check through again and add in any missing grammar or capitalisation. You should also run a spell-check.
  • Post tags that are related to the topic within your blog post. This will then allow Google to identify it easily, helping terms of search engine optimisation.
  • When you are ready- preview and make sure the text looks correct on your word press template. If so click- publish and read through again.

Now I have given you the advice, I should really check my own! When I first started the blog, proof reading was a time consuming affair but I am starting to realise how important it actually is.

Maybe I will hire a proof reader soon!!!

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