Free Shit You Get At A Conference

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I attended the Mumbrella 360 conference in Sydney last week which was insightful, entertaining and very engaging. As well as meeting some really great people, I learnt a lot about the media landscape and witnessed some of the best digital projects taking place in Australia. Before I bring you a summary on the two day event I thought I would share more of an amusing post with you.  I’m not going to lie, I still love a goody bag and I’m the first to get my hands on any freebies that are floating around.


1. Here is a strange gift from MediaMath. There is probably a simple explanation as to what this actually does, but all I can think about is the episode in the comedy Black Books. Fran the owner of the shop next door, enlists the help of Bernard and his customers to find out exactly what an object from her shop is. Episode available here if you haven’t seen it already.

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2. Nutella is a nutty tasty treat that is popular amongst many and I for one, can never refuse it. Especially when it comes in these amazing tiny jars! The guys at Social Soup had plenty left so I did the cheeky thing and took two.


3. A handy drinks bottle gets my vote. Easy to carry and perfect for long days in the office as a water bottle. Thanks to Media Super for this one.

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4. This was the most ridiculous gift I found and it was available on the chairs just before the session on ‘ The Cult of Overwork’ started. They actually created a lot of conversation in the room and the gentleman next to me said with slight sarcasm, he would take them home as a present for his wife. I bet she was delighted!


5. This mini guide to Sydney is very useful and I was glad to find it at the bottom of the goody bag.  Anyone new to Sydney would appreciate the guide.

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6. Postcards are usually something you can easily pick up in bars, shops, museums, art gallerys and most post offices. However when they are hand picked and offer an interactive option via an app, they are quite cool.

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7. This is  my favourite freebie but I did actually have to ask nicely for this one. Ian Elliot actually handed the book to me after his speech and told me to enjoy it. Thanks Ian, maybe one day I can put some of the useful tips into practice.

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If you have picked up any useful or strange gifts at a conference before, please feel free to share them with me below.

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