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I returned from Mumbai last Saturday evening and I am still catching up on sleep and getting used to my working 9-5pm routine again. The experience I had in Mumbai left a stamp in my mind and I will always remember the people, the smells and of course, the tastes in the city.

As we were set the task by Nokia to report and capture moments using the new Lumia 1020 at Social Media Week, I thought it would be best to highlight my week via the photos I took using this device. The saying ‘every picture tells a story’ is true and photos can speak better than words at times, which is why I have chosen the following. As I’m not a photographer, these photos are not highly professional but they do capture the moments I wanted to highlight. The camera on the Lumia 1020 is very impressive and quite easy to use once you have had a play around with the settings. If you don’t get things right the first time you can always shoot again, plus the editing options within the creative studio can be very useful.

This blog doesn’t have the best theme for photographs so please click each one to enlarge and view in detail.


This is a picture I captured of the driver sat in the front of the rickshaw that took us to the shops in Bandra, West Mumbai. On the right is the interioir of a fabulous restaraunt called Zaffron which we visited one evening. 



The street where the cool kids hang out, outside the Blue Frog and The Barking Deer. The right hand picture is of a residents home at the road side in Mumbai.


 Vibrant artwork at an exhibition located at the NCPA and on the right, the stunning Gateway of India which is most definately worth a visit!  Thanks for taking us @akshayable.   




Real working life in Mumbai and the contrast beween a grey day and a hot and sunny afternoon. The weather is very unpredictable during Monsoon season.


A pretty tree outside the Bluefrog venue that I wanted to capture  and  the view from the roadside. The traffic in Mumbai is crazy and we were sat in a lot of traffic jams when travelling between venues. 


Playing around with my Nokia camera and the creative photo studio which enables you to play around with filters, colour pop and focus on the objects you want to make stand out. Pretty cool hey!

Twitterca421fc_jpgnew pic for WP

One of the main venue’s was @bluefrog and accross the road from here was The Barking Deer. Great music venues and I enjoyed the available cuisine :)




I made a new friend, Shormistha  and she kindly showed me around her office in Mumbai which was actually one of the highlights of my week. Flying cursor interactive is a  digital creative agency based in  Maharashtra, Mumbai.



Zaneta, who was one of my co- reporters, stumbled accross this restaraunt, Moshe’s, tucked away on a back steet in Bandra. You wouldn’t of guessed it was there and it is quite surprising when you enter the room. Fabulous decor, a warming ambience and an interesting menu.

I finish this post with a quote that was mentioned at Social Media Week.

“I’ve learnt that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Thanks India, Nokia and Crowdcentric!


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