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Stepping into an Unknown or Familiar Field?


Want to learn a new advertising tool that has the potential to engage more customers than TV and radio at a fraction of the cost?  Don’t bother learning anything new – why not utilise something you didn’t know you already knew!

A new Ofcom study has shown that the majority of British people will spend 45% of their day in the social networking sphere. They are more likely to be influenced by the discussions that are taking place upon Facebook and Twitter than anywhere else.

The world of social media is unavoidable in today’s world.  In July 2009 Neilson online reported that users spent an average of 4 hours, 39 minutes on Facebook per month, more than any other site on the Web.  By August 2009, only one month later, that figure had risen to an average of 5 hours, 46 minutes per month.  To put that in perspective, that’s triple the amount of time they spent on Google.

Numerous studies, such as the one shown below by Neilson Media in April 2009, show that consumers trust their friends and peers more than anyone else when it comes to making a purchase decision.  By getting the message right you can utilise this knowledge to connect with your target audience, tempt a dog with bowl of rice and he’ll ignore you, tempt a dog with a juicy steak and you’ll have his undivided attention.

Using Facebook as an example we can see below three methods to successful social media advertising:

1) Homepage Advertising

2) Homepage advertising with Social Context

3) Newsfeed stories that are sent to friends who engage with advertising on a brand.

Guest post by Business Manager D. Farley

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