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Please Pick Me To Be A #SMWreporter.

I have always wanted to go to Social Media Week in London but due to a busy work schedule, I have never had the chance to visit.  Winning a place as a #SMW reporter in Mumbai would be a dream […]



I read an article last week that discussed the positive results of paid Marketing over PR and how brands can grow their following much faster and effectively. You can view the article I am referring to here. As I have […]

How do Facebook Ads work? Strong Vs Weak Theory

Here is another section of my dissertation that I wanted to share. Looking into the theory of advertising and how it triggers and taps into the brain to generate attention. Advertising works to build relationships with consumers and emphasises the […]


Did someone say Motivation?

PR professionals always talk about the good side of PR and boast about their results and achievements. However we would be lying if we didn’t say some of the days are a real struggle and quite demeaning to the human […]

Clever Campaigns VS Heavy Facebook Ads

Back in 2009 I put together my dissertation on advertising in social networks and how brands may struggle to be seen amongst the clutter.  Although some of the examples are quite dated the theory still appears relevant. Here is chapter […]


The New Facebook Changes: From the Eyes of the Average User

I was delighted when I received this interesting guest post from enthusiastic Sophie Bratt (Psychology graduate from Cheshire). Sophie outlines the changes put in place for Facebook and how they can effect the standard user. A great way to ‘stay […]

5 Clever Web – April Fools

I came across some really clever April fools over the weekend and I wanted to share them with you all. It sometimes takes a very simple idea to capture an audience and make them smile. 3D Glasses sold on E […]


Twitter Promoted Accounts

Twitter has decided to develop ‘promoted accounts’ which target users based on their interest and likes. They can do this by seeing what you follow and then subliminally pushing a message in front of you that ‘may appear similar to […]

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