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Press with Jess

I came across the Kids blog club last week which is a network set up to encourage kids to blog with support from their Mothers. It made me smile when I noticed a blog named Press with Jess written by […]


Working in fashion PR – An Interview with myself

I was asked to answer a few questions for a book that was never published and instead of wasting the content I thought I would share it with you. Have you always been interested in working in PR? Not always […]


Why Multimedia Content Brings Better Press Release Results

When it comes to creating engaging press releases, the secret to getting a bigger response is simple. The more multimedia content you include in your press release, the more views and shares it will receive. This has been proven again […]


Blogzilla: bringing Leeds based fashion bloggers together

I attended a local based fashion blogging event this weekend at Dock Street Market and it was really nice to meet some of the creative ladies behind popular northern fashion blogs. We ate a lot of cake and drank a […]


WordPress Editorial Calender- 2012 Blogging Made Easier

As my work schedule has been busier than ever in 2012 my blog has taken a back seat and I haven’t had chance to write anything over the last four weeks. Whilst searching for blogging ideas, I came across this […]

Phone hacking claims

Goodbye News of the World

After recieving a large amount  of negative criticism and with little hope of recovering a tarnished brand, News of The World  closed its doors today, 10th  July 2011. In the wake of an extensive phone-hacking scandal involving not only the […]


Net-A-Porter:Real-time Shopping App

I have been dying to blog about this one, since seeing the news a few days ago on twitter. Interactive shopping is becoming a thing of the future and Net-A -Porter seemed to of hit the nail on the head […]

The Difference Between the Online and Offline Comprehensive Spending Review

Spending cuts were released last week and there seemed to be an apparent difference in topics of conversation online and offline.  Topics of interest highlighted in print media, were welfare cuts, higher education funding, public sector job cuts, housing and defence. In the online […]

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