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Are you going to UKBA14? Yorkshire bloggers reveal all

The first UK Blogging Awards take place in London this Friday the 25th of April and PR Company, along with some other fantastic blogs, has been shortlisted for the PR and Marketing category. Sadly I won’t be able to make […]


Social Media & Developing Countries

Apologies for the blog being quiet over the last few months but I have been far too busy exploring parts of the world and meeting some extremely friendly and interesting people. This is the one chance I have had to […]

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7 methods to increase Social Media mentions exponentially

These days, one question that companies may ask their PR branding managers or any other PR agencies, is how they may increase the number of social media mentions for their brand. Social media mention refers to how often your brand […]


A new Sociable Online Newsroom from Pressat

I was sent a short press release last week that actually caught my attention. This is the first of many, as I usually receive emails about something spam related or completely unrelated to my blog.  So here goes… Your little […]

A Beginners Guide to Google+ for Brands

A Beginners Guide to Google+ for Brands Google+ was officially launched in June 2011 as an invitation only beta. Though still in beta, the platform became public in September 2011 and has now grown in to a 40 million strong […]


Kate Middleton Shoes; Is your content optimised?

Kate Middleton is the most talked about female in the press and has become a huge, classic style icon. Many young females are aspiring to look like the Duchess of Cambridge and are searching for key items that have been […]


Social Media Gossip Including the Google ‘Vs’ Facebook War

The Facebook and Google War Continued… In the latest clash between online giants, Facebook and Google, Facebook are left red faced after being caught financing a smear campaign about Google Circles, Google’s answer to social networking. The social media giant has […]

11 Factors to Consider when Placing Content on Websites/Blogs

Everyone in the PR world are learning that optimising press releases and blog posts for search engine purposes is becoming a big part of their online strategy. We are told to make sure we include a link within the copy […]

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