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A Snugg iPad Accessory Review

I was quite slow to jump onto the iPad bandwagon but when I finally did, I realised what I was missing out on. They are perfect for everyday tasks including online shopping (of course) and presenting work in a digital […]


PR and the Panda Update

As we know, the Panda update has been talk of the town over the past week and webmasters have been sitting on the edge of their seats with anticipation. The Panda update is simply described as the following, “A major […]

11 Factors to Consider when Placing Content on Websites/Blogs

Everyone in the PR world are learning that optimising press releases and blog posts for search engine purposes is becoming a big part of their online strategy. We are told to make sure we include a link within the copy […]

The Difference Between the Online and Offline Comprehensive Spending Review

Spending cuts were released last week and there seemed to be an apparent difference in topics of conversation online and offline.  Topics of interest highlighted in print media, were welfare cuts, higher education funding, public sector job cuts, housing and defence. In the online […]

This Weeks PR TweetChat # commschat

I joined in with a very interesting debate on this week (Monday 18 October 2010) answering the question ‘Does PR have a duty to tell the truth?’ The questions considered were: 1. As a PR professional are you the […]


The Inbetweeners Vs. The University of Lincoln Causes Facebook Frenzy

Lincoln University received an unexpected negative mention last week on the popular TV comedy, The Inbetweeners. As Lincoln was described as a “shit hole” and  the university was mocked  with the line: “…goodbye first-rate education, hello the University of Lincoln” […]


Online PR Is Sexy – But Don’t Get Seduced

When Twitter makes it onto the Today programme as a news item, it is clearly time to accept that social media and online PR (or, more properly, online communications) is part of the established media routes to audiences. Facebook, we […]