Being Bitchy with Fashion Bloggers is Bad PR

This is a very quick blog post to highlight an incident that happened yesterday involving a very popular fashion blogger. Company x approached Sarah from amilliondresses and asked her to review a product from their online range. However… Read More


WordPress Editorial Calender- 2012 Blogging Made Easier

As my work schedule has been busier than ever in 2012 my blog has taken a back seat and I haven’t had chance to write anything over the last four weeks. Whilst searching for blogging ideas, I came… Read More


The New Facebook Changes: From the Eyes of the Average User

I was delighted when I received this interesting guest post from enthusiastic Sophie Bratt (Psychology graduate from Cheshire). Sophie outlines the changes put in place for Facebook and how they can effect the standard user. A great way… Read More


I’m Not Living in a Geek Hot Spot- Are You?

This infographic was brought to you by, the UK’s largest independent online electrical retailer. laptops at discount prices, look no further than I get called a geek by friends and family on a regular basis but… Read More


Kate Middleton Shoes; Is your content optimised?

Kate Middleton is the most talked about female in the press and has become a huge, classic style icon. Many young females are aspiring to look like the Duchess of Cambridge and are searching for key items that… Read More

Speaker SAScon badge (3)

SaScon 2011 Roundup

Well it looks like we survived the end of the world…  Time to continue looking forward to the progression of digital marketing and the social media phenomenon then. I attended the SaScon conference in Manchester this year and… Read More