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The 2014 FIFA World Cup and Social Noise

The 2014 FIFA World Cup takes place in Brazil, kicking off on the 12th of June and football fans are already starting to work out how many days off work they can wangle to watch the games. I’m keen to […]


Will Google Make Us Spend More?

Google has come up with a new concept that brings online and offline shopping habits together. Yes that’s right; Google will soon be sending you reminders straight to your phone. So if you have been looking for that perfect pair […]


5 things a UK blogger should think about when moving abroad

I never really thought about the little things that can make blogging hard work until I set off on my travels and tried to stick to a content plan. Anything is possible online and it easy to keep connected but […]


#SMWreporter in Mumbai: The first chapter

We landed in Mumbai on Sunday Morning and it has been none stop since day one! I will be bringing you a more in depth roundup at the end of the week but I just wanted to cover a few […]


The Computer, He Says No

My Dad has a passion for writing poems in his spare time and I asked him to write one for my blog so I could share it online.  This one is based on technology and how confusing it can be […]


How to Get Creative with Digital PR

Whether PR is done online or offline, the goal is always the same: establish credibility, build brand awareness and foster support among stakeholders. In the online arena, however, PR requires a new skill set, as well as a solid understanding […]

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9 Ways To Boost Your Business With Google+ Hangouts

Not another social media site I hear you groan! You’re already using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest and wonder why you would possibly need another one – isn’t Google+ just more of the same? Whilst Google+ may appear to be […]

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10 Tips for fashion brands using Instagram

It is quite obvious that Instagram has become a major platform for all lovers of visual, playing with filters and sharing creative images with friends. There are over forty million photographs a day being shared socially and brands have caught […]

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