The Power of Twitter and Vodafone

Unfortunately this is a personal rant about my poor experience with Vodafone and how I used twitter to vent my anger and catch their attention. The problem started when the home navigation key on my iPhone  stopped working making it completely unusable. When I visited the Vodafone store they told me to send it away to their repair centre promising I would have it back within 7-10 days. Well, after a lengthy 2 weeks I received a text message to say my phone was back in the store and fully repaired. When I visited the shop to collect it - astonishingly the phone was un repaired and I was given a note to say it wasn’t under manufactures warranty. However having  only had the iPhone 8 months I knew that this was incorrect information.  As the staff members in the store were useless  I decided to contact a Vodafone representative directly which resulted in a very lengthy telephone call. My response was quite vague but I was told to visit the Apple store and ask for a repair.
I then had to wait for a confirmation email which was taking ages to come through so I emailed again to ask if it was on it’s way. However I ended up waiting and waiting until it got to a point of frustration and I just needed a quick response.  I turned to twitter and after tweeting an angry statement about how useless Vodafone had been, I immediately recieved a response.
To be honest I was very impressed with how well Vodafone were using twitter, if only their customer service in the first place was as productive.

By using this method of communication, I managed to get the answers to my questions and eventually resolve the problem.  By going through this poor experience I learnt that complaining in such an open space and highlighting the negativity of a brand can create a very prompt response. Once again reinforcing the power of Social Media.

I think it certainly proves to be a powerful communication tool at times

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  1. Sarah Ford says:

    Hey Jess,

    What a great idea! I’ve had nothing but problems with vodafone over the last 6 months or so, not been able to get any answers to any of the problems they’ve caused! This is such a good idea though using twitter to get their attention!

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