The Twitterati, Wimbledon and Glasto Blues

The Twitterati, Jo Whiley, Mick Jagger and everybody else may have quietened down about Glasto 2013 after Andy Murray’s Wimbledon victory put England’s second favourite (wink and a nudge) summer event into sharper focus.  However there is a very good reason I’m piping up now, I’ve finally recovered!

How I Got There

I travelled by coach and expected it to be a bit of a nightmare but the journey was rather amusing as the driver looked and acted like Peter Kay. I also got chatting to a really nice group of people which made the time pass. Coach travel is also ‘green’ which makes you feel like you have done something good before you drink your own body weight in alcohol for four days. I avoided three hours of queuing too, bonus!

The Music I Enjoyed

The Rolling Stones were a big hit and it was amazing to finally see the rock and roll legends in action! Mick Jagger has still got the moves and the charming charisma, plus they had us all dancing in the fields like it was 1972! I would also have to say Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds is one act that sticks in my mind, even though I’m not a huge fan he is defiantly an interesting character and very entertaining. He was so loud he nearly blew the PA system.



Time For Relaxation

If you need time out from the music and the craziness of thousands of people rushing to the next stage,  a stroll around the Green Fields is the perfect solution. There are various exhibitions and campaigns taking place for charities like Greenpeace which are very interactive and often encourage your envolvement. You can also treat yourself to an organic full english breakfast followed by a relaxing massage in the healing fields.

The Camping

This had to be the most pleasant experience whilst camping at a festival but I must admit, following advice from a boy who has travelled the world and camped at various festivals did help (I hate to admit it). As long as you have a spacious tent, a comfy air bed and plenty of wet wipes then there is nothing to worry about. I was also lucky enough to sleep in this amazing tent with lots of space, thanks to Outdoorkit and their kindness.  The tent was fairly easy to put up and it felt very stable once we had pegged it into the ground firmly.  The porch area was spacious and perfect for sitting in during the rainy day on Thursday.

 photo (2)A view over Glastonbury from our camping spot

photo-1 (2)

You can find all of their Vango tents online here

The Food I Tasted

The food at Glastonbury is definitely worth sampling as you can get your hands on various types of cuisine raging from an Indian Thali in the Green Fields to your standard British chips ‘wi toppings’. There is plenty of choice so you can choose something different every day and evening of your stay. The other good thing is, Glastonbury allows you to take food and drinks into the festival which can save you a few pounds.

And the verdict is, I will be going again next year!


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