Will Google Make Us Spend More?


Google has come up with a new concept that brings online and offline shopping habits together. Yes that’s right; Google will soon be sending you reminders straight to your phone. So if you have been looking for that perfect pair of sunglasses or a new technological gadget but haven’t succeeded online, you might just get a little help when you hit the shops.

How does it work?

If you are looking for a certain product on the high street but can’t quite remember what it is, a little friendly reminder called a Google Now Card, will show you the product you researched online and give you the prices shown. As long as your #Googlesearch app for android has been updated then this will be an accurate figure. If the store has it, then you will be able to purchase there and then which means cutting out any thinking or delivery time.

The big question is; will this tempt us to spend more? I think it will! I’m not sure about everyone else out there but I can be a bit of a spontaneous shopper and I will click and buy online even if I’m not sure about the product or actually need it. However if I don’t click and buy then I will eventually forget about the product and save my pennies. Thanks to this new innovative idea from Google, this may no longer be the case. However, it looks like it is only being rolled out in the US but I don’t think it will be long before it hits the rest of the world.

Amazon also released a bit of news recently which relates to shopping and social. It has now become so much easier to shop from the online retail giant as they promote a new way of shopping via twitter. Once you have created an account on Amazon you can simply reply to any links to products showing on twitter and respond with #Amazoncart. Products will automatically be added to your cart so you won’t have to go through a tedious search process or even bother adding products to your shopping cart. Brilliant! However one thing did spring to mind, if you chose an item of clothing promoted by a follower, will Amazon locate the correct size and fit for you? Hmmmmm we shall soon find out.

I also think we will be even more influenced to buy by our friends and online influencers as they tweet and share links that will tempt us to buy.

Watch a video that explains more about #Amazoncart here

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