WordPress Editorial Calender- 2012 Blogging Made Easier

As my work schedule has been busier than ever in 2012 my blog has taken a back seat and I haven’t had chance to write anything over the last four weeks. Whilst searching for blogging ideas, I came across this new plug in for wordpress which enables you to plan ahead and schedule in new posts.
The Editorial calendar looks very similar to the Windows Outlook calendar with small boxes for each day of the week. There is an option to drag and drop information if you want to move content ideas around.

If you are struggling to remember when to post or forget those genious ideas that pop into your head for five seconds, then the editorial calender would definitely make your life easier.

You can add in blog posts for the full week and set them live at a time that suits you. This enables you to produce content at the beginning of the week and feed them out to those who follow your blog on allocated days. The calendar lets you minimise to one week or maximise to five weeks if you wish to plan ahead further.

Once you have added in a blog post, you can go back and perform quick edits if you wish to change anything before making it live to the public. You can still preview and also save draft versions.

Watch the video below and take a look for yourself,

The WordPress Editorial Calendar Screen Cast from Zack Grossbart on Vimeo.


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