Words or Pictures?


We know that the Internet is dominated by text as it is a clear and concise way of feeding viewers with the right information. However is it still true pictures can speak more than a 1000 words?

This study of how people consume news websites found that, “Photographs, contrary to what you might expect (and contrary to findings of 1990 Poynter eye tracking research on print newspapers), aren’t typically the entry point to a homepage. Text rules on the PC screen—both in order viewed and in overall time spent looking at it.” Ragan reports

Consider the Google business model. It makes most of its money from advertising and this is done with a combination of attractive images along with snappy text.

I personally think you have to remeber a combination of the following,

Making sure the blurb is catchy

If you include a summary with your article, make sure it actually describes your topic in the best way possible.

Make your headline snappy

On average, a headline has less than a second of a site visitor’s attention

Include an interesting image and capture attention to your post!

This one caught my attention! can you imagine the smell?

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