Working with a fashion stylist + heavy social media channels

So, you may have heard about them and considered approaching? From personal experience, stylists are a really great contact to have when trying to spread the word about products or a certain item that you want to push virally. Preferably if they have their own blog.

Do a little research and find a stylist who would be more likely to work with you and favour the products you offer. Strike up a conversation and show you are genuinely interested in the position of working together. Some stylists will only work with certain brands as they are particularly fussy over what they endorse, and rightly so if they are putting the effort in to maintain their credibility.


Once you have agreed on working with a stylist, whether it be ‘lending products for a photo shoot’ or simply sending an item ‘for a review.’ Arrange the goods and ensure they are packaged well with a personal message inside.

If all goes well and your item of clothing, shoes, accessories etc. arrives with the chosen stylist then you will probably receive an email to let you know they are happy with the product and that they have scheduled a blog post or have a date when they will include it during a shoot.

Here is an example of someone I have worked with at a professional level and the communication process was perfect all the way through.

Here is what I received back:

Amanda blogged about the product here:


Tweeted to her 7798 followers

Sometimes stylists include another brand in their posts and if this brand also tweets, including your account name then it can mean extra coverage.


As you can see from this example: Wallis gave a RT to their audience of 4462 followers

Amanda was then invited to a prestigous fashion event and wore the product I sent to her. Once again tweeting a picture and mentioning the brand on twitter.

There is also a chance of coverage within wider social channels such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, as most fashion bloggers and stylists are social media savvy.

Things can always go wrong though.. so be prepared for one or two let downs.


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