Writing Articles and Struggling for Ideas?


OK, so you may of mastered content writing and have a natural flair for attracting people to your articles, but when it comes to covering various topics we all struggle to find the correct information. It is very unlikely that anyone has a library right at their feet and with the pressure of tight deadlines we need quick access to relevant information.

To help you out I have listed the best research tools that I think work well in helping you to access quick and accurate  newsworthy information.

Google news

Google news is a huge source for all topical information. It is probably the most up to date area to find what you are looking for. Simply type in a topic like ‘climate change’ and all related news articles are available to access, you can then click on the one that takes your fancy and fill your mind with knowledge.

Google Books

Flick through Google’s very own library and find the information you need. You will never be short of information from here as you can access books from publishers and authors worldwide. Once you have selected a book of interest, bookmark it and save it to your personal library so that you are not in danger of losing it.

Relevant blogs

Believe it or not blogs are becoming the most popular areas to find news and topical information for many journalists.  Look for the trust worthy blogs that have a higher page rank and domain authority, then read through relevant content to provide you with resources for your own article. If you follow some ones blog on a regular basis then you can be fend updates through their RRS feed.

Authority News Site

Like always we can trust the well respected sites such as the BBC, Telegraph and Guardian for specific news. If you are looking for something that is current and very specific these are probably the best websites to collate the most up to date, factual information.

You can be sure that whatever your topic of interest, there are unlimited amounts of resources available on the internet. Just make sure you are selecting from websites that look trust worthy and up to date.

If you are struggling to find a topic altogether, try the Google Wonder Wheel.

Simply type your search term into the Wonder Wheel and click through the various topics.  Note down interesting topics, for example, if you’re keyword is ‘tennis ball’ and you saw the topic ‘tennis challenge’ it could prompt you to write several articles on tennis activities. The wonder wheel crawls through the web to source out the best topics for you, which ensures your brain can have a rest from all the hard work.

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